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unable to apply patch: "git am" did not work - dubious ownership

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Ron Eggler March 15, 2023, 11:48 p.m. UTC

I'm trying to apply a patch to the kernel sources for trouble shooting a 
problem but the patch doesn't seem to apply, I get the following error:

| (2/4) 0002-add-phy_debug_logs.patch
| [INFO]: check of .kernel-meta//patches///0002-add-phy_debug_logs.patch 
with "git am" did not pass, trying reduced context.
| [INFO]: Context reduced git-am of 
.kernel-meta//patches///0002-add-phy_debug_logs.patch with "git am" did 
not work, trying "apply".
| error: patch failed: drivers/net/mdio/of_mdio.c:286
| error: drivers/net/mdio/of_mdio.c: patch does not apply
| [ERROR]: Application of 
.kernel-meta//patches///0002-add-phy_debug_logs.patch failed.
|          Patch needs to be refreshed. Sample resolution script:
|              .git/rebase-apply/resolve_rejects
| ERROR: Could not apply patches for smarc-rzg2l.
| ERROR: Patch failures can be resolved in the linux source directory 
| WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell command.
| ERROR: Execution of 
failed with exit code 1
ERROR: Task 
failed with exit code '1'
NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 5186 tasks of which 4784 didn't need to 
be rerun and 1 failed.

So I tried to launch a devshell with $ bitbake -c devshell linux-renesas

I confirmed the availability of my patch in 
invoked "git am" and got the following:

# git am 0002-add-phy_debug_logs.patch
fatal: detected dubious ownership in repository at 
To add an exception for this directory, call:

         git config --global --add safe.directory 

I'm not sure about what would be dubious about the ownership of my 
files. I'm running out of a container and all files in 
are owned by uid 1000, I double checked that with

# tree -upf 
| grep -v 1000

For reference, the patch looks like:

                 if (rc == -ENODEV)

Can anyone help me out here to find what the problem might be?
diff mbox series


diff --git a/of_mdio.c b/of_mdio.c
index 4daf94bb..8ce36727 100644
--- a/drivers/net/mdio/of_mdio.c
+++ b/drivers/net/mdio/of_mdio.c
@@ -286,8 +286,10 @@  int of_mdiobus_register(struct mii_bus *mdio, 
struct device_node *np)

                 if (of_mdiobus_child_is_phy(child))
                         rc = of_mdiobus_register_phy(mdio, child, addr);
+                       printk("of_mdiobus_child_is_phy returned true, 
expected! \nof_mdiobus_register_phy() rc %d", rc);
                         rc = of_mdiobus_register_device(mdio, child, addr);
+                       printk("of_mdiobus_child_is_phy returned false, 
not expected! \nof_mdiobus_register_phy()rc %d\n", rc);