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+SPDX-FileCopyrightText: Andrei Gherzan <andrei.gherzan@huawei.com>
+SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-4.0
+# Multiconfig Support
+The build system provides functionality for building multiple configurations in
+the same build invocation while also supporting dependencies between them. For
+more info check the
+[official documentation](https://docs.yoctoproject.org/dev-manual/common-tasks.html#building-images-for-multiple-targets-using-multiple-configurations).
+`meta-raspberrypi` uses this to provide the ability to generate images that can
+boot on multiple targets (for example, being able to boot either a Raspberry Pi
+3 or a Raspberry Pi 4 in 32bit mode using the same image). This is in contrast
+to the classic builds where the `MACHINE` defines the only target intended for
+the final image artefact.
+## Generating an Image For Multiple Raspberry Pi Boards
+Once you've set up a build environment, the multiconfigs need to be enabled
+adding to the build's `local.conf` the following:
+    BBMULTICONFIG += "raspberrypi raspberrypi3"
+With that configured, any image can now be build using the `raspberrypi`
+multiconfig.  Here is an example that will build the `core-image-base`:
+    bitbake mc:raspberrypi:core-image-base
+The final image will be available in:
+    <BUILDDIR>/tmp-multi-raspberrypi/deploy/images/raspberrypi4/
+This image will boot and provide the support for all the machines listed below.
+## Supported Machines for Multiconfig Builds
+* raspberrypi3
+* raspberrypi4