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[15/17] migration-guides: extend migration guide for 4.2

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Paul Eggleton April 22, 2023, 3:19 a.m. UTC
* Reorder and extend existing info a little
* Add additional sections after combing through changes

Signed-off-by: Paul Eggleton <bluelightning@bluelightning.org>
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diff --git a/documentation/migration-guides/migration-4.2.rst b/documentation/migration-guides/migration-4.2.rst
index c2ec8af8a45..1db6fbca42e 100644
--- a/documentation/migration-guides/migration-4.2.rst
+++ b/documentation/migration-guides/migration-4.2.rst
@@ -9,22 +9,47 @@  Migration notes for 4.2 (mickledore)
 This section provides migration information for moving to the Yocto
 Project 4.2 Release (codename "mickledore") from the prior release.
+.. _migration-4.2-supported-distributions:
+Supported distributions
+This release supports running BitBake on new GNU/Linux distributions:
+-  Fedora 36 and 37
+-  AlmaLinux 8.7 and 9.1
+-  OpenSuse 15.4
+On the other hand, some earlier distributions are no longer supported:
+-  Debian 10.x
+-  Fedora 34 and 35
+-  AlmaLinux 8.5
+See :ref:`all supported distributions <system-requirements-supported-distros>`.
 .. _migration-4.2-python-3.8:
 Python 3.8 is now the minimum required Python version version
-BitBake and OpenEmbedded-Core are now relying on Python 3.8,
+BitBake and OpenEmbedded-Core now require Python 3.8 or newer,
 making it a requirement to use a distribution providing at least this
-version, or to use :term:`buildtools`.
+version, or to install a :term:`buildtools` tarball.
 .. _migration-4.2-gcc-8.0:
-gcc 8.0 is now the minumum required GNU C compiler version
+gcc 8.0 is now the minimum required GNU C compiler version
 This version, released in 2018, is a minimum requirement
-to build the ``mesa-native`` recipe.
+to build the ``mesa-native`` recipe and as the latter is in the
+default dependency chain when building QEMU this has now been
+made a requirement for all builds.
+In the event that your host distribution does not provide this
+or a newer version of gcc, you can install a
+:term:`buildtools-extended` tarball.
 .. _migration-4.2-new-nvd-api:
@@ -48,7 +73,7 @@  Here are minor changes that you may notice:
 Rust: mandatory checksums for crates
-This release now supports checksums for Rust crates and make
+This release now supports checksums for Rust crates and makes
 them mandatory for each crate in a recipe. See :yocto_git:`python3_bcrypt recipe changes
 for example.
@@ -66,25 +91,6 @@  follow these steps:
 #.  Copy and paste the output of BitBake about the missing checksums into the
     ``${BPN}-crates.inc`` file.
-.. _migration-4.2-supported-distributions:
-Supported distributions
-This release supports running BitBake on new GNU/Linux distributions:
--  Fedora 36 and 37
--  AlmaLinux 8.7 and 9.1
--  OpenSuse 15.4
-On the other hand, some earlier distributions are no longer supported:
--  Debian 10.x
--  Fedora 34 and 35
--  AlmaLinux 8.5
-See :ref:`all supported distributions <system-requirements-supported-distros>`.
 .. _migration-4.2-addpylib:
@@ -107,15 +113,6 @@  make modules available for use sooner than the current BBPATH-based approach.
 For more information, see :ref:`bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual-metadata:extending python library code`.
-.. _migration-4.2-misc-changes:
-Miscellaneous changes
--  The ``OEBasic`` signature handler (see :term:`BB_SIGNATURE_HANDLER`) has been
-   removed.
 .. _migration-4.2-removed-variables:
 Removed variables
@@ -124,6 +121,10 @@  Removed variables
 The following variables have been removed:
 -  ``SERIAL_CONSOLE``, deprecated since version 2.6, replaced by :term:`SERIAL_CONSOLES`.
+-  ``PACKAGEBUILDPKGD``, a mostly internal variable in the ref:`ref-classes-package`
+   class was rarely used to customise packaging. If you were using this in your custom
+   recipes or bbappends, you will need to switch to using :term:`PACKAGE_PREPROCESS_FUNCS`
+   or :term:`PACKAGESPLITFUNCS` instead.
 .. _migration-4.2-removed-recipes:
@@ -136,6 +137,8 @@  The following recipes have been removed in this release:
 -  ``python3-strict-rfc3339``: unmaintained and not needed by anything in
    :oe_git:`openembedded-core </openembedded-core>`
    or :oe_git:`meta-openembedded </meta-openembedded>`.
+-  ``linux-yocto``: removed version 5.19 recipes (6.1 and 5.15 still provided)
 .. _migration-4.2-removed-classes:
@@ -144,5 +147,130 @@  Removed classes
 The following classes have been removed in this release:
--  ``rust-bin``: no longer used in Poky
+-  ``rust-bin``: no longer used
+-  ``package_tar``: could not be used for actual packaging, and thus not particularly useful.
+LAYERSERIES_COMPAT for custom layers and devtool workspace
+Some layer maintainers have been setting :term:`LAYERSERIES_COMPAT` in their
+layer's ``conf/layer.conf`` to the value of ``LAYERSERIES_CORENAMES`` to
+effectively bypass the compatibility check - this is no longer permitted.
+Layer maintainers should set :term:`LAYERSERIES_COMPAT` appropriately to
+help users understand the compatibility status of the layer.
+Additionally, the :term:`LAYERSERIES_COMPAT` value for the devtool workspace
+layer is now set at the time of creation, thus if you upgrade with the
+workspace layer enabled and you wish to retain it, you will need to manually
+update the :term:`LAYERSERIES_COMPAT` value in ``workspace/conf/layer.conf``
+(or remove the path from :term:`BBLAYERS` in ``conf/bblayers.conf`` and
+delete/move the ``workspace`` directory out of the way if you no longer
+need it).
+.. _migration-4.2-runqemu-slirp:
+runqemu now limits slirp host port forwarding to localhost
+With default slirp port forwarding configuration in runqemu, qemu
+previously listened on TCP ports 2222 and 2323 on all IP addresses
+available on the build host. Most use cases with runqemu only need
+it for localhost and it is not safe to run qemu images with root
+login without password enabled and listening on all available,
+possibly Internet reachable network interfaces. Thus, in this
+release we limit qemu port forwarding to localhost (
+However, if you need the qemu machine to be reachable from the
+network, then it can be enabled via ``conf/local.conf`` or machine
+config variable ``QB_SLIRP_OPT``::
+   QB_SLIRP_OPT = "-netdev user,id=net0,hostfwd=tcp::2222-:22"
+.. _migration-4.2-patch-qa:
+Patch QA checks
+The QA checks for patch fuzz and Upstream-Status have been reworked
+slightly in this release. The Upstream-Status checking is now configurable
+from :term:`WARN_QA` / :term:`ERROR_QA` (``patch-status-core`` for the
+core layer, and ``patch-status-noncore`` for other layers).
+The ``patch-fuzz`` and ``patch-status-core`` checks are now in the default
+value of :term:`ERROR_QA` so that they will cause the build to fail
+if triggered. If you prefer to avoid this you will need to adjust the value
+of :term:`ERROR_QA` in your configuration as desired.
+.. _migration-4.2-mesa:
+Native/nativesdk mesa usage and graphics drivers
+This release includes mesa 23.0, and with that mesa release it is not longer
+possible to use drivers from the host system, as mesa upstream has added strict
+checks for matching builds between drivers and libraries that load them.
+This is particularly relevant when running QEMU built within the build
+system. A check has been added to runqemu so that there is a helpful error
+when there is no native/nativesdk opengl/virgl support available.
+To support this, a number of drivers have been enabled when building ``mesa-native``.
+The one major dependency pulled in by this change is ``llvm-native`` which will
+add a few minutes to the build on a modern machine. If this is undesirable, you
+can set the value of :term:`DISTRO_FEATURES_NATIVE` in your configuration such
+that ``opengl`` is excluded.
+.. _migration-4.2-misc-changes:
+Miscellaneous changes
+-  The :term:`IMAGE_NAME` variable is now set based on :term:`IMAGE_LINK_NAME`. This
+   means that if you are setting :term:`IMAGE_LINK_NAME` to "" to disable unversioned
+   image symlink creation, you also now need to set :term:`IMAGE_NAME` to still have
+   a reasonable value e.g.::
+      IMAGE_LINK_NAME = ""
+-  In ``/etc/os-release``, the ``VERSION_CODENAME`` field is now used instead of
+   ``DISTRO_CODENAME`` (though its value is still set from the :term:`DISTRO_CODENAME`
+   variable) for better conformance to standard os-release usage. If you have runtime
+   code reading this from ``/etc/os-release`` it may need to be updated.
+-  The kmod recipe now enables OpenSSL support by default in order to support module
+   signing. If you do not need this and wish to reclaim some space/avoid the dependency
+   you should set :term:`PACKAGECONFIG` in a kmod bbappend (or ``PACKAGECONFIG:pn-kmod``
+   at the configuration level) to exclude ``openssl``.
+-  The ``OEBasic`` signature handler (see :term:`BB_SIGNATURE_HANDLER`) has been
+   removed. It is unlikely that you would have selected to use this, but if you have
+   you will need to remove this setting.
+-  The :ref:`ref-classes-package` class now checks if package names conflict via
+   ``PKG:${PN}`` override during ``do_package``. If you receive the associated error
+   you will need to address the :term:`PKG` usage so that the conflict is resolved.
+-  openssh no longer uses :term:`RRECOMMENDS` to pull in ``rng-tools``, since rngd
+   is no longer needed as of Linux kernel 5.6. If you still need ``rng-tools``
+   installed for other reasons, you should add ``rng-tools`` explicitly to your
+   image. If you additionally need rngd to be started as a service you will also
+   need to add the ``rng-tools-service`` package as that has been split out.
+-  The cups recipe no longer builds with the web interface enabled, saving ~1.8M of
+   space in the final image. If you wish to enable it, you should set
+   :term:`PACKAGECONFIG` in a cups bbappend (or ``PACKAGECONFIG:pn-cups`` at the
+   configuration level) to include ``webif``.
+-  The :ref:`ref-classes-scons` class now passes a ``MAXLINELENGTH`` argument to
+   scons in order to fix an issue with scons and command line lengths when ccache is
+   enabled. However, some recipes may be using older scons versions which don't support
+   this argument. If that is the case you can set the following in the recipe in order
+   to disable this::