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[2/5] overview-manual: Add deploy-ready package feeds section.

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Charlie Johnston Aug. 17, 2023, 3:50 p.m. UTC
This change adds a subsection to the Package Feeds section
that discusses deploy-ready package feeds and how they are
separate from the default package feeds area in the build

Signed-off-by: Charlie Johnston <charlie.johnston@ni.com>
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@@ -661,6 +661,36 @@  i586 and qemux86. Packages for the i586 architecture are placed in
 ``build/tmp/deploy/ipk/i586``, while packages for the qemux86
 architecture are placed in ``build/tmp/deploy/ipk/qemux86``.
+Deploy-Ready Package Feeds
+In some scenarios it may be desirable to create a feed with a subset of the
+packages in the package feeds area. When using the package feeds area as a
+feed, all built packages are included in the feed. A deploy-ready feed is a
+feed that is ready to be used outside of the OpenEmbedded build system and
+may not contain all packages staged in the package feeds area.
+Deploy-ready package feeds reside in the :term:`Build Directory` as determined
+by a combination of variables. Specifically, the following variables are used
+to determine where to create the feeds:
+-  :term:`DEPLOY_DIR`: Defined as ``tmp/deploy`` in the :term:`Build Directory`.
+-  :term:`DEPLOY_DIR_FEED`: Defined as ``feeds/`` in the :term:`DEPLOY_DIR`.
+-  ``DEPLOY_DIR_FEED_*``: Depending on the package manager used, the package
+   type sub-folders. Given RPM, IPK, or DEB packaging and tarball
+   creation, the :term:`DEPLOY_DIR_FEED_RPM`, :term:`DEPLOY_DIR_IPK`, or
+   :term:`DEPLOY_DIR_DEB` variables are used, respectively.
+-  :term:`PACKAGE_ARCH`: Defines architecture-specific sub-folders that might
+   be included in the feed.
+BitBake uses the :ref:`do_packagefeed <ref-tasks-packagefeed>` task to create
+deploy-ready feeds and any index files required. See the
+:ref:`ref-classes-packagefeed*` section in the Yocto Project Reference Manual for
+more information on creating a deploy-ready package feed.
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