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Michael Opdenacker Oct. 28, 2022, 3:10 p.m. UTC
From: Michael Opdenacker <michael.opdenacker@bootlin.com>

Also stop refering to the meta-spdxscanner class, no longer
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diff --git a/documentation/dev-manual/common-tasks.rst b/documentation/dev-manual/common-tasks.rst
index c747c0deac..9c85a656a8 100644
--- a/documentation/dev-manual/common-tasks.rst
+++ b/documentation/dev-manual/common-tasks.rst
@@ -11200,8 +11200,6 @@  to be covered by assuming that there are three main areas of concern:
 -  Compilation scripts and modifications to the source code must be
--  spdx files can be provided.
 There are other requirements beyond the scope of these three and the
 methods described in this section (e.g. the mechanism through which
 source code is distributed).
@@ -11392,39 +11390,6 @@  layers (recipes, configuration files, and so forth) enables you to meet
 your requirements to include the scripts to control compilation as well
 as any modifications to the original source.
-Providing spdx files
-The spdx module has been integrated to a layer named meta-spdxscanner.
-meta-spdxscanner provides several kinds of scanner. If you want to enable
-this function, you have to follow the following steps:
-1. Add meta-spdxscanner layer into ``bblayers.conf``.
-2. Refer to the README in meta-spdxscanner to setup the environment (e.g,
-   setup a fossology server) needed for the scanner.
-3. Meta-spdxscanner provides several methods within the bbclass to create spdx files.
-   Please choose one that you want to use and enable the spdx task. You have to
-   add some config options in ``local.conf`` file in your :term:`Build Directory`.
-   Here is an example showing how to generate spdx files during BitBake using the
-   fossology-python.bbclass::
-      # Select fossology-python.bbclass.
-      INHERIT += "fossology-python"
-      # For fossology-python.bbclass, TOKEN is necessary, so, after setup a
-      # Fossology server, you have to create a token.
-      TOKEN = "eyJ0eXAiO..."
-      # The fossology server is necessary for fossology-python.bbclass.
-      FOSSOLOGY_SERVER = "http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8081/repo"
-      # If you want to upload the source code to a special folder:
-      FOLDER_NAME = "xxxx" //Optional
-      # If you don't want to put spdx files in tmp/deploy/spdx, you can enable:
-      SPDX_DEPLOY_DIR = "${DEPLOY_DIR}" //Optional
-For more usage information refer to :yocto_git:`the meta-spdxscanner repository
 Compliance Limitations with Executables Built from Static Libraries
@@ -11674,6 +11639,72 @@  When analyzing CVEs, it is recommended to:
 -  follow public `open source security mailing lists <https://oss-security.openwall.org/wiki/mailing-lists>`__ for
    discussions and advance notifications of CVE bugs and software releases with fixes.
+Creating a Software Bill of Materials
+Once you are able to build an image for your project, once the licenses for
+each software component are all identified (see
+":ref:`dev-manual/common-tasks:working with licenses`") and once vulnerability
+fixes are applied (see ":ref:`dev-manual/common-tasks:checking
+for vulnerabilities`"), the OpenEmbedded build system can generate
+a description of all the components you used, their licenses, their dependencies,
+the changes that were applied and the known vulnerabilities that were fixed.
+This description is generated in the form of a *Software Bill of Materials*
+(:term:`SBOM`), using the :term:`SPDX` standard.
+When you release software, this is the most standard way to provide information
+about the Software Supply Chain of your software image and SDK. The
+:term:`SBOM` tooling is often used to ensure open source license compliance by
+providing the license texts used in the product which legal departments and end
+users can read in standardized format.
+:term:`SBOM` information is also critical to performing vulnerability exposure
+assessments, as all the components used in the Software Supply Chain are listed.
+The OpenEmbedded build system doesn't generate such information by default.
+To make this happen, you must inherit the
+:ref:`create-spdx <ref-classes-create-spdx>` class from a configuration file::
+   INHERIT += "create-spdx"
+You then get :term:`SPDX` output in JSON format as an
+``IMAGE-MACHINE.spdx.json`` file in ``tmp/deploy/images/MACHINE/`` inside the
+:term:`Build Directory`.
+This is a toplevel file accompanied by an ``IMAGE-MACHINE.spdx.index.json``
+containing an index of JSON :term:`SPDX` files for individual recipes, together
+with an ``IMAGE-MACHINE.spdx.tar.zst`` compressed archive containing all such
+The :ref:`create-spdx <ref-classes-create-spdx>` class offers options to include
+more information in the output :term:`SPDX` data, such as making the generated
+files more human readable (:term:`SPDX_PRETTY`), adding compressed archives of
+the files in the generated target packages (:term:`SPDX_ARCHIVE_PACKAGED`),
+adding a description of the source files handled by the target recipes
+(:term:`SPDX_INCLUDE_SOURCES`) and adding archives of these source files
+themselves (:term:`SPDX_ARCHIVE_SOURCES`).
+Though the toplevel :term:`SPDX` output is available in
+``tmp/deploy/images/MACHINE/`` inside the :term:`Build Directory`, ancillary
+generated files are available in ``tmp/deploy/spdx/MACHINE`` too, such as:
+-  The individual :term:`SPDX` JSON files in the ``IMAGE-MACHINE.spdx.tar.zst``
+   archive.
+-  Compressed archives of the files in the generated target packages,
+   in ``packages/packagename.tar.zst`` (when :term:`SPDX_ARCHIVE_PACKAGED`
+   is set).
+-  Compressed archives of the source files used to build the host tools
+   and the target packages in ``recipes/recipe-packagename.tar.zst``
+   (when :term:`SPDX_ARCHIVE_SOURCES` is set). Those are needed to fulfill
+   "source code access" license requirements.
+See the `tools page <https://spdx.dev/resources/tools/>`__ on the :term:`SPDX`
+project website for a list of tools to consume and transform the :term:`SPDX`
+data generated by the OpenEmbedded build system.
 Using the Error Reporting Tool