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[meta-security,3/8] Revert "integrity: Update the README for IMA support"

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Series [meta-security,1/8] Revert "ima-evm-utils: Update ima-evm-utils to v1.5 and add a patch" | expand

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Jose Quaresma May 9, 2023, 6:56 p.m. UTC
This reverts commit b9abf0e09bfea8f08cc7f2d68998f014abba5b3b.

The full patchset are overriding the do_configure task and also added a kernel patch
on meta-integrity/recipes-kernel/linux/linux_ima.inc and this file is included
in every recipe that follows the pattern pattern starting by linux- (recipes-kernel/linux/linux-%.bbappend).
So the patch fails in some recipes and also do_configure task doesn't make sense.
This breaks many recipes like linux-firmware and maybe others.

Signed-off-by: Jose Quaresma <jose.quaresma@foundries.io>
 meta-integrity/README.md | 20 +++++++++-----------
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/meta-integrity/README.md b/meta-integrity/README.md
index 1a37280..816b40d 100644
--- a/meta-integrity/README.md
+++ b/meta-integrity/README.md
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@  other layers needed. e.g.:
 It has some dependencies on a suitable BSP; in particular the kernel
 must have a recent enough IMA/EVM subsystem. The layer was tested with
-Linux 6.1 and uses some features (like loading X509 certificates
+Linux 3.19 and uses some features (like loading X509 certificates
 directly from the kernel) which were added in that release. Your
 mileage may vary with older kernels.
@@ -89,17 +89,10 @@  Adding the layer only enables IMA (see below regarding EVM) during
 compilation of the Linux kernel. To also activate it when building
 the image, enable image signing in the local.conf like this:
-    DISTRO_FEATURES:append = " integrity ima"
     IMAGE_CLASSES += "ima-evm-rootfs"
     IMA_EVM_KEY_DIR = "${INTEGRITY_BASE}/data/debug-keys"
     IMA_EVM_PRIVKEY = "${IMA_EVM_KEY_DIR}/privkey_ima.pem"
     IMA_EVM_X509 = "${IMA_EVM_KEY_DIR}/x509_ima.der"
-    IMA_EVM_ROOT_CA = "${IMA_EVM_KEY_DIR}/ima-local-ca.pem"
-    # The following policy enforces IMA & EVM signatures
-    IMA_EVM_POLICY = "${INTEGRITY_BASE}/recipes-security/ima_policy_appraise_all/files/ima_policy_appraise_all"
 This uses the default keys provided in the "data" directory of the layer.
 Because everyone has access to these private keys, such an image
@@ -120,7 +113,10 @@  for that are included in the layer. This is also how the
     cd $IMA_EVM_KEY_DIR
     # In that shell, create the keys. Several options exist:
-    # 1. Keys signed by a new CA.
+    # 1. Self-signed keys.
+    $INTEGRITY_BASE/scripts/ima-gen-self-signed.sh
+    # 2. Keys signed by a new CA.
     # When asked for a PEM passphrase, that will be for the root CA.
     # Signing images then will not require entering that passphrase,
     # only creating new certificates does. Most likely the default
@@ -129,11 +125,13 @@  for that are included in the layer. This is also how the
     # $INTEGRITY_BASE/scripts/ima-gen-local-ca.sh
     # $INTEGRITY_BASE/scripts/ima-gen-CA-signed.sh
-    # 2. Keys signed by an existing CA.
+    # 3. Keys signed by an existing CA.
     # $INTEGRITY_BASE/scripts/ima-gen-CA-signed.sh <CA.pem> <CA.priv>
-The ``ima-gen-local-ca.sh`` and ``ima-gen.sh`` scripts create a root CA
+When using ``ima-self-signed.sh`` as described above, self-signed keys
+are created. Alternatively, one can also use keys signed by a CA.  The
+``ima-gen-local-ca.sh`` and ``ima-gen.sh`` scripts create a root CA
 and sign the signing keys with it. The ``ima-evm-rootfs.bbclass`` then
 supports adding tha CA's public key to the kernel's system keyring by
 compiling it directly into the kernel. Because it is unknown whether