[1/7] arm/oeqa/fvp: wrap bootlog output correctly

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Series [1/7] arm/oeqa/fvp: wrap bootlog output correctly | expand

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Ross Burton Dec. 20, 2021, 5:13 p.m. UTC
Join the list of boot log lines with newlines, so it displays properly.

Signed-off-by: Ross Burton <ross.burton@arm.com>
 meta-arm/lib/oeqa/controllers/fvp.py | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)


Jon Mason Dec. 20, 2021, 10:58 p.m. UTC | #1
On Mon, 20 Dec 2021 17:13:31 +0000, Ross Burton wrote:
> Join the list of boot log lines with newlines, so it displays properly.

Applied, thanks!

[1/7] arm/oeqa/fvp: wrap bootlog output correctly
      commit: 17f7371ca85974422a752a8bea63aaacb9fb58c3
[2/7] runfvp: add an asyncio TODO
      commit: 12501b717f68e7b8f3d04fc89c71c86d055cd8cf
[3/7] runfvp: handle the fvp quitting before we kill it
      commit: 1512bf2aef5931c94c9a5bb996133a90ab31f454
[4/7] runfvp: don't hide output when using terminals
      commit: 1ccccbf6037c9ce3e41162e86f6372e0e082b1ce
[5/7] runfvp: don't use f-string when there's no expressions
      commit: 778037450047d1b6a3b6592a3c1b2ddb3731ecf0
[6/7] runfvp: refactor terminal selection
      commit: 10e60cc8ef6584c6a76e1b6eded5de28ae7af41c
[7/7] runfvp: add basic documentation
      commit: 31a520838392c1834684a1a5f027a1b4b65e241d

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diff --git a/meta-arm/lib/oeqa/controllers/fvp.py b/meta-arm/lib/oeqa/controllers/fvp.py
index 79d2f2ef..87e1b941 100644
--- a/meta-arm/lib/oeqa/controllers/fvp.py
+++ b/meta-arm/lib/oeqa/controllers/fvp.py
@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@  class OEFVPTarget(oeqa.core.target.ssh.OESSHTarget):
         except asyncio.TimeoutError:
             self.logger.info("Timed out waiting for login prompt.")
-        self.logger.info(b"".join(bootlog.splitlines()[-20:]).decode("utf-8", errors="replace"))
+        self.logger.info(b"\n".join(bootlog.splitlines()[-20:]).decode("utf-8", errors="replace"))
         raise RuntimeError("Failed to start FVP.")
     def start(self, **kwargs):